It turns out moving and starting a new job turns a persons life around and makes it completely hard to keep up with things! We will be back to regularly scheduled meals from around the world next month! For now you will have to endure my ramblings on curry.

I have never really enjoyed the strong smell of curry. I once lived in an apartment complex where I went into the hallway, locked my door, and would walk out of the building smelling like curry. Thankfully the strong smells never got into my apartment. I am not sure why the smell turns me off but it does. Because of that I have made a proclamation that I would never eat it.

A couple of weeks ago I volunteered for an organization that I often volunteer with. This awesome cafe (Pondicheri)allowed us to set up shop in their restaurant to sell our items. As I was walking towards the cafe I could smell the curry from 5 stores down. I knew it was the place I was heading because I had done some research and knew it was an Indian Restaurant. I was a little concerned that I was not going to be able to volunteer for my 2 hour shift.

Recently I have come to learn that not all curry is as strong as the smells I have smelled. Curry can almost be anything. It is mostly just referring to spices. Upon hearing this my mind started opening up a little.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was listening to Jen Hatmakers brand new podcast where she interviewed Shauna Niequist. They were talking about how important the table is to building relationships. It was a really great podcast. Please check it out!

One of the things that Shauna mentioned in the interview as her go to meal. She uses this meal for almost every gathering. It’s a mango chicken curry that is perfect for almost everyone because it has flavor but it is not spicy. I was sold! I knew this would be one of my weekly meals!

I made it tonight and it was so, so good. I also finally used the Wok that I gotSo, years ago I said I would never eat curry but my mind has been changed completely! The recipe is on the side of Jen Hatmakers’ podcast page that is linked above.