So, I am not sure if I would make the full effort of Albania again. I enjoyed the veggies and I enjoyed the cornbread but I think that the only one I would really make again is the veggies.

I learned from my last experience on buy groceries. I got everything from Phoenicia’s. The total cost was around $50. We were able to get several days of meals out of it too!

I did spend some time trying to find lamb. I first thought I would try the farmer’s market. So, I went one Saturday morning and found 3 different farms that offer lamb! They didn’t have the lamb with them so I would have to order it ahead of time, which would have been fine since I started looking for it month in advance.

The thing that I wasn’t necessarily prepared for was the price. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but I wasn’t really willing to spend $30 for 3 pounds of lamb. I really wanted to get the lamb locally but I decided to go for cost efficient this time. Hopefully the next time I need lamb I will get the courage to go back to the farmer’s market!

I ended up lowering the amount of lamb I purchased..I went with a little less then 2 pounds over the 3 pounds that the recipe called for. I also purchased it from Phoenicia’s. So, overall I paid around $10 – $15 for the lamb.

Next month is Algeria!