So, halfway through making all the other foods I realized that I didn’t have enough pans to make the cornbread. I told JL to run to the store and grab a pan so that we could finish dinner.

I knew that he would be going to the dollar store and I didn’t want him to come back with a small pan that I have seen them sell. So, I told him to get the BIGGEST one they head…well…..I didn’t realize they sold roasting pans…….our cornbread was made in a pan that was a little larger than necessary.. haha.

The corn bread was super easy and it was pretty enjoyable.

It consisted of cottage cheese, cornmeal, eggs, scallions, paprika, them, and feta cheese. It reminded me sooooo much of hushpuppies! I love hushpuppies!! So, I enjoyed this dish.

It may not look pretty…but it tasted good 🙂