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March 2017

Banana Cookies

This is not around the world cooking at all but I found the easiest cookie recipe ever! It was delicious and simple and healthy!

I had 2 bananas that were getting a little too ripe and needed to do something with them before they went bad. So, I went to handy dandy Pinterest and found a cookie recipe to use the bananas up.

Mash the bananas, a cup of quick oats, and some raisins. I also added a little cinnamon. Bake on 350 for 15 minutes.

IMG_3112 I would totally recommend these!


Randomness from Albania Experience

So, I am not sure if I would make the full effort of Albania again. I enjoyed the veggies and I enjoyed the cornbread but I think that the only one I would really make again is the veggies.

I learned from my last experience on buy groceries. I got everything from Phoenicia’s. The total cost was around $50. We were able to get several days of meals out of it too!

I did spend some time trying to find lamb. I first thought I would try the farmer’s market. So, I went one Saturday morning and found 3 different farms that offer lamb! They didn’t have the lamb with them so I would have to order it ahead of time, which would have been fine since I started looking for it month in advance.

The thing that I wasn’t necessarily prepared for was the price. I knew it wouldn’t be cheap but I wasn’t really willing to spend $30 for 3 pounds of lamb. I really wanted to get the lamb locally but I decided to go for cost efficient this time. Hopefully the next time I need lamb I will get the courage to go back to the farmer’s market!

I ended up lowering the amount of lamb I purchased..I went with a little less then 2 pounds over the 3 pounds that the recipe called for. I also purchased it from Phoenicia’s. So, overall I paid around $10 – $15 for the lamb.

Next month is Algeria!

Albanian Cornbread

So, halfway through making all the other foods I realized that I didn’t have enough pans to make the cornbread. I told JL to run to the store and grab a pan so that we could finish dinner.

I knew that he would be going to the dollar store and I didn’t want him to come back with a small pan that I have seen them sell. So, I told him to get the BIGGEST one they head…well…..I didn’t realize they sold roasting pans…….our cornbread was made in a pan that was a little larger than necessary.. haha.

The corn bread was super easy and it was pretty enjoyable.

It consisted of cottage cheese, cornmeal, eggs, scallions, paprika, them, and feta cheese. It reminded me sooooo much of hushpuppies! I love hushpuppies!! So, I enjoyed this dish.

It may not look pretty…but it tasted good 🙂


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