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February 2017

Turli Perimesh

Truly Perimesh is probably the easiest dish I made so far! This was also probably my favorite thing from Albania!

This dish was literally onions, zucchini, yellow squash, potato,tomato, and parsley. After chopping everything and simmering it in a pot it was done!

I don’t know why I haven’t thought of doing this before. It was literally so easy and so good!

This is mostly what I ate….especially when it came to leftovers.



Tava Elbasani (My computer keeps autocorrecting it to Tara Elbasani)

The first dish I made for Albania was our main dish of lamb and yogurt. This dish took the longest to cook but was probably the easiest to make.

Overall it took 2 hours to cook.

I had never had lamb before so the dish stretched me a little. I found Lamb to be a gamer beef. It was very heavy in flavor.

I didn’t really enjoy Tara Elbasani too much. The texture of the cooked yogurt and the heaviness of the lamb didn’t sit well with me. The yogurt cooked came out like jello.

But JL enjoyed this dish (I don’t think there is much that he doesn’t like). He said that it reminded him of a dish that is made in Colombia.





A for Albania

It’s been a while since I wrote! Oops! I started a new job and I am finding it hard to mange everyday life and my new job. Hopefully I will get into a stride here soon!

Last weekend we ventured our journey into Albania. I chose 3 dishes from Global Table Adventure РTurli Perimesh, Tara Elbasani, Albania Cornbread.

In order to keep the posts short I am going to write a post for each dish. Stay tuned!

I did a little better this time with following the timing and starting with the correct dishes this time. But it still took me 3 hours to make! I really hope that my timing decreases.

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