This little jar of saffron created a lot of work for us!

One of the reasons we originally went to the Halal Meat Market was to find saffron. We looked and looked all of the tiny little store for it and never found it. I finally asked one of the workers and he pulled it out from behind the counter behind glass!

I really had no idea what saffron was.

Lesson 6: research items that I don’t know before I go to the store. 

The guy behind the counter told me that the small amount of saffron in the fancy little container was $15!! I had no idea!

At that point we had decided that we weren’t finding the other things we needed to and that we would go to another store.

When we got to Phoenicia’s we looked and looked and looked for it again! This time is in an even bigger store! We finally had to ask again and DUH…it was again behind lock and key!

We decided to get this little $5 bottle of saffron. They took it to the check out area for us because of the cost we could not have it until we paid for it. We got to the check out paid for everything, loaded the car, and realized that we forgot to purchase the saffron.

So, we had to go back in to buy that silly little bottle of spices!

Who knew a spice could cause so havoc and cost so much money!!