We went to an Ethiopian restaurant this past Sunday. It was a very interesting experience. It was a very ethnic restaurant and we very clearly stood out! Our waiter was awesome and willing to answer questions for us. He knew his food and could tell us if it was spicy or not and had great recommendations.

We all tried something different – lamb, beef, beef and collared greens, and chicken. I chose the chicken dish because chicken is usually my first choice at restaurants. The dish that I chose, Dor0 Wot,stated that it was the most popular option.  It was very flavorful with a lot of spices. I really enjoyed it! But it was a little hot – spicy. I would for sure get it again.

The unusual part of the experience though was eating with our fingers. The food was coated in a lot of sauce which made it a messy meal to eat. It was served with a long flat thing piece of bread that you use as your silverware. The bread was airy and light and cold – almost like a very, very thing pancake.

I think my favorite part was the coffee ceremony. The roast the beans, and then make the coffee on the spot. It as a very bold and smooth cup of coffee. They also serve the coffee with popcorn!

Overall it was a great experience with great food! Although, a little pricey.