As I do research for this process a couple of obstacles stand out to me. Actually more than a couple….like six..I am going to talk about three of them today, and then next week I will elaborate on the next three.

The first thing that I believe will make this “adventure” a challenge is that I tend to be a picky eater. I am not huge on sauces or adding extra things to my foods. I generally don’t use condiments, like ketchup or mustard. I am not a big gravy fan and I SOMETIMES like bbq sauce. The list goes on and on in regards to sauces.

I also can’t really handle spicy. I love pico de gallo but sometimes it is so hot it makes my nose run. I like to be able to enjoy my food and not be thinking about my hot mouth or running nose. 🙂

The other big concern is that I am not too keen on seafood. Between the texture of most sea creatures and the smell…I just can’t get the food to my mouth. My guess is that many of the meals, especially coastal countries, will include some kind of seafood.

With all of that being said, Global Table Adventure provides a starter kit. Some advice that Sasha gave has really helped me to accept the fact that I maybe eating a few things that are out of my comfort zone. “It’s important to try recipes that occasionally challenge our preferences. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself by liking something you didn’t. If not, that’s okay. No matter what, it’s critical to always speak with respect about other culture’s foods.” This food journey will allow myself to be introduced to things I would never even think about eating.

The second thing that I believe could be an obstacle is being able to find the necessary food items. Will there be spices that are not easy to find? Sometimes I struggle to find things in Kroger or HEB currently and I am just looking for everyday items!  My lack of cooking knowledge hinders my grocery store shopping sometimes.

The last thing that I believe could be an obstacle is the budget. My weekly budget for groceries is very minimal. This is one of the reasons that we have chosen to only do this one time a month for the time being. The price of food can add up quickly. We will have to be very careful to make sure that we are using the best stores to find the needed items. Are ethnic grocery stores cheaper then Kroger or HEB? We will have to spend time shopping around a little to make sure that we are staying cost effective. As I have mentioned previously I am lazy, I don’t like spending time going from store to store but this process may mean that I don’t get all of my needed items at one place.

Overall I believe that these obstacles can be over come easily with research and an open mind! 🙂