Before the summer started Jose Luis and I decided that we wanted to go on a journey of restaurants throughout Houston. We had planned to go to a different ethnic restaurant each month. The catch was that we agreed that we would not eat out at any other restaurants during the month because 1) we were spending too much money eating out and 2) good cultural restaurants tend to run on the high side price wise. Unfortunately we have failed at this adventure for several reasons:

  • We tend to use food to get out of the house
  • It’s hard not to eat out for celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, family and friends coming into town)
  • There are so many great places to eat in Houston it’s hard to resist
  • We kept forgetting that we were not suppose to be eating out
  • We are lazy and cooking doesn’t allow us to be lazy ūüôā15252736_10100827858806425_2128443692745348921_o

We also failed because we get stuck on the same three types of restaurants: Mediterranean and Afghan and Colombian. We both love everything about Mediterranean and Afghan food! Especially hummus! As for the Colombian food РJL is Colombian. So, it is only natural that we spend a lot of time eating Colombian food. He gets to enjoy great food from home and I get to spend time learning about the culture and food from the country that he loves so much. The food is amazing!

So, whenever we get a chance to go out to eat we usually end up eating fast food or end up eating  Colombian food. But there are so many places that we really want to try and we talk about going to often Рan Ethiopian restaurant is top on our list right now!

Last week I was listening to an old episode of Rick Steve’s Travel podcast. You can check it out here. A guest on the episode, Sasha Martin, started Global Table Adventure with her family. As soon as I heard this I knew that it would be perfect for JL and I! It keeps us from eating out but it allows us to explore all of the 195 countries in the world. Sasha did all of the work – she and her family explored every single country in the world by doing research and making food from every area. Her blog provides recipes,information, and all but the tangible ingredients. We can go on an exploration each month without leaving the house.

I am excited to start this adventure! We have decided that we are only going to do it one time a month for right now in order to fit into our schedule and our budget. I hope in the future that we will be able to increase it to at least two times a month. We intend to “explore” each country by alphabetical order so that we get a variety of foods throughout the year.

I plan to spend the month of December doing research and preparing for our journey. My parents and sister are coming at the end of the month and we are going to introduce them to Colombian food (empanadas and ajiaco!!) and to celebrate the end of the semester we are going to finally get our Ethiopian food. Stay tuned for exciting updates on our food adventures (:p) and if you are in Houston make sure to check out Mi Pueblito for great Colombian food!